Assalamualaikum W.B.T to all UTeM citizens and students in particular.

First of all let us give our thanks to Allah SWT who
we have been blessed with good health and a good intellect.

Young people are the generation that will lead the country. We started on campus as a field to gain knowledge and also build personality in yourself to prepare for challenges after learning environment.

During this session, UTeM Student Representative Council raised the slogan Strengthen Unity, Spread Happiness as a carrier that will be translated to the campus community. This slogan contains two
the context to be highlighted which is the aspect of unity and happiness or harmony.

Strengthen Unity refers to the unification efforts among the campus community, starting with the the leadership of the Members of the Student Representative Council itself and subsequently expanded to the whole community.This formula of unity and solidarity is very important in facing any challenges, especially in the covid-19 pandemic. Understanding, cooperation and tolerance are basic elements that should be emphasized in any organization.

The idea behind Spread Happiness is that we want to highlight the elements of love, the spread of happiness and empathy is fading in today's society, especially young people. This is where it matters to us make UTeM a prosperous campus that becomes the second home to all of us.

In leading the leadership of the MPP this time, it is the main focus that wants to be brought to the community
Campus namely UTeM Sejahtera Campus. we focus on the aspects of human development, social and welfare Students. To liven up the atmosphere of knowledge within the campus. This step is important to give birth to students holistic, not only technically skilled, but also possess knowledge outside the lecture hall quality of themselves.

In addition, MPP this time focuses on safety and social. Before this we heard of issues from students related to social issues. This matter should be given attention to be dammed before into a negative culture of normalization. In the core of UTeM Sejahtera as well, we strive to lead the efforts towards changing the political landscape of students. The intended change is to bring in students to understand the political context of a healthy, mature and professional campus.As we know, it starts at the last election, UTeM has changed the pattern of individual election campaigns.  Based on Community Based. 

Hence, it is important for MPP to act as a leadership line for students to ensure the course of campus elections, as well as the political mainstream of students on campuses in harmony and ethical.We hope that students can be exposed to a healthy political education because they are students who will inherit the leadership of the country one day. In the core of UTeM Kampus Sejahtera we also place aspects the welfare of students as a focus to ensure their voices are heard and given due attention.

Apart from that, in leading the MPP this time, the UTeM Readiness Post COVID-19 is taken based on the current situation. which we are experiencing right now. The COVID-19 pandemic seems like a reset button to all of us, where it has been affecting almost the entire course of our lives including as a graduate student.In this core, we focus on ensuring student marketability at its best. House of Representatives Students need to together assist the faculty in integrating the syllabus to keep pace with current needs. In addition, continuous exposure of students to the latest technology as well as the application of appropriate softskills is necessary prioritized other than honing the survival mindset among students.

Insyaallah, In achieving something will not be able in a short time. Rome will not be built in a day.Requires a lot of sacrifice as well as Cooperation with all parties.

Finally, it is hoped that all students will support the representation of the Representative Council Students to achieve what is brought by the University's aspiration, which is to produce students who have agile characteristics Superior, Adaptive, and Holistic (TUAH).